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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  November 10, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we begin with a developing story in denver, colorado. and that's where a southwest flight that took off from oakland has slid off a portion of the landing strip. now this is a picture from twitter showing emergency crews working outside flight 1905 at denver international.
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airport officials tell us that the plane skidded off a snowy taxiway just after 5:00. they want to emphasize that the incident did not occur on the runway. the plane did land safely. passengers have now been taken off the plane and are driven by bus to the airport concourse and so far no reports of any injuries. a man suspected of murdering his wife in san jose was found dead late this afternoon. the body of 50-year-old troy nosenzo was found in his car in the county. police believe he committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. they had been searching for him since his wife, patricia was found dead in their home early yesterday morning. meantime, san jose residents are hoping a wave of burglaries will finally come to an end after a handful of arrests. a cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us police had some help in ending the crime wave. >> we have made phone calls about the suspicious behavior. >> reporter: the san jose
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police department has some new help that has always been there. neighborhood groups that are forming and informing the police on the bad guys. >> hopefully when we talk about partnering with the community, we're talking about a philosophy that law enforcement has embraced called community policing. >> reporter: it's paying off. recently sjpd arrested seven suspects on suspicion of burglary. working with residents of san jose. >> it has never been more important to know for the community to be involved and to report suspicious activity. >> reporter: how do they do it? >> just get to know your neighbors. communicate with your neighbors. they'll know your patterns and working hours and how many family members you have. >> community safety, immigration, housing. >> reporter: carrie with p. a. c. t., people acting in the community together is part of the solution. >> here we always keep our eyes open for cars we don't -- or like are not familiar with. people we are not familiar with. we do try to keep in contact with our neighbors. >> reporter: there are dozens
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of websites devoted to community watch and even chat rooms that neighbors can use that have their eyes open on each other. >> they're going to notice something out of place with your house. >> reporter: if you do notice something going on, call 911 and don't take the law into your own hands. cbs 5, patrick sedillo. not exactly the fiasco of 2005 but florida finally produced an official result for the presidential election of 2012. well. that means 29 more electoral volts -- votes for president barack obama. it was a razor thin margin. out of about 4.4 million votes cast the difference was just 74,000 votes. and that's less than 1 percentage point and it brings the president to 332 electoral votes to romney's 206. the scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus allegedly started with harassing e-mails sent by his
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biographer and mistress paula broadwell to another woman. an official said the fbi investigated the e-mails and uncovered the relationship. they were concerned petraeus' computer was compromised. the observers say he resigned because he believed this was the right thing to do. >> i think there was probably a calculus on the part of the director's you know math here to say this will come out, some way, some time. not a time under my control and i've got thousands of employees who i hold to one standard and when it does come out they're going to say, why isn't this the standard the office was held to? >> members of the house intelligence committee say they'll meet with the fbi to find out more about their investigation. well, this veterans' day weekend, there are some additional hope for those former military members whose service included costly sacrifice. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us the pioneering program that's getting amputees to excel in the most rigorous physical challenges. >> reporter: veteran david lad was injured in iraq in 2006.
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>> can we just not go there? >> reporter: he doesn't want to talk about it but will talk about how he's felt since. >> i don't understand what it is i can do anymore. >> reporter: with more distance and time under his belt this vietnam vet shares his story. >> chopper came in. it was nighttime i laid on top of the charge and they laid down and blew me up. >> reporter: returning from war without liz legs was -- his legs was another battle. >> of course back then it was what it was. it was kind of difficult to integrate in. i stayed a hermit for about five years and lived on the pack side of a mountain. >> reporter: these guys are part of ucsf's brand new program. the first in the country for civilian amputee athletes. >> you can have a very expensive prosthesis but if you don't have the training modality it's completely useless. ready and go, left behind right. left behind right.
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>> reporter: so experts here are training vets and civilians on making the best of their situation. woodville has certainly stepped up. he participated in the escape from alcatraz triathlon last year. >> it's a challenge, you accomplish it. then you're -- it's that much sweeter. you know. if it's easy it's no big deal. >> some people tell me don't worry, you're the same as you were and blah blah blah. this is not the case. >> reporter: but lad is slowly learning how much he can do instead of concentrating on what he can't. >> you know it's just like an eye opener that happens, it's so impercentable that the changes are being made but they are, every day. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. during those 70 years when it sat on the shelf i'd look at it every once in a while and think why isn't this being played? >> he served his country in the
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second world war and he wrote a symphony. >> unseasonably cool today. that's right. even san jose averaging a good nine degrees below average. and tonight, get out the extra blanket. the areas that will bottom out at freezing as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee?
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in honor of veterans' day weekend -- a special tribu in honor of veterans' day weekend, a special tribute today for astronaut neil armstrong aboard the uss hornet. the retired aircraft carrier helped honor the space pioneer in alameda. following the moon landing in 1969, the crew of apollo 11 was quarantined on board the hornet to ensure no one had contracted any alien viruses. well, nearly 70 years ago as world war ii was drawing to a close, an army colonel composed a symphony detailing the story of the war and the peace that was emerging. for decades that music was dormant but this week the u.s.
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army band performed the symphony in washington giving the composer his first chance to hear the work he created seven decades ago. >> my name is harold van heuvelen and my age is 93. and i'm a veteran. of world war ii. in 1945, i was stationed in new orleans, louisiana. at the new orleans army air base and i was an instructor and the peace in europe had already been written in the april of that year. so they said we can do anything we want to. i decided to write a symphony. during those 70 years when it sat on the shelf i'd look at it every once in a while and think why isn't this being played? >> my brother and i came upon the bound copy of the symphony. i talked to the senator from michigan where my dad lives,
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senator levin wrote a letter to the defense department and the next thing we knew we had a letter back from the army secretary saying we would like to perform this symphony. ♪ >> i was kind of worried what i would see and i was so grateful when i opened the score and saw that this was a total piece of music, very sellable. very -- acceptable, very melodic, neoromantic. that's a special meaning when you sit down and you play something and you know exactly what's behind it. ♪ >> so the first movement of my symphony is about the sadness of that period. the extreme sadness and sorrow of the holocaust and the terrible loss of life. the second movement -- is sort of being geared for war.
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the third movement is the warfare itself. the boys going to omaha beach and invading germany. the end of that movement i have a victory march. ♪ [ applause ] >> wonderful. from the cbs 5 weather center. once again, the earth moves in a place where we normally don't expect that kind of thing, what they are saying about the bluegrass quake. from the cbs 5 weather center, the advisory that's now been issued in the bay area. what you need to know as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for a popular pet-friendly for a popular pet-friendly literacy in pooches, were on parade today in pleasanton to mark a milestone for a popular pet friendly literacy initiative. today's festivities celebrated the tenth anniversary of paws to read. the program has children read aloud to individual dogs so they can improve their literacy
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skills and gain confidence reading in public. >> they actually become self- confident, happy children. who often go home and try and replicate the whole -- you know little program at home. >> more than 7,000 elementary school children have participated in paws to read over the last decade. similar programs have sprung up in other schools and libraries arnold the state -- around the state. people in kentucky and several neighboring states were startled today by a rare earthquake. after the 4.3 quake centered just west of whitesburg in eastern kentucky. people in black eye, kentucky reported finding small cracks and other minor damage in and around their homes. shaking from the quake was felt throughout the region. nine other states reported feeling it including north carolina and georgia andas you can tell by the reactions it's safe to say kentuckians aren't used to seismic acttivity.
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>> hands-down i was scared. >> enough to shake people open. >> this was a bad one. >> they say that while this afternoon's incident was moderate, aftershocks are still a possibility and they also reminded the public that even though earthquakes are rare they are not unheard of. all right, it has been chilly. and it's about to get downright cold. roberta has a watch the place for us. >> today we had temperatures averaging a good ten degrees below average for this time of year. good evening everybody. head outside and make sure you have your jacket. this is the scene today as the sun officially went down at 5:01 and by then, we had highs that banked between 56 in san francisco, nine degrees below average. to 62 for the warmest location in santa cruz. this is the scene looking out to the 586 and 80 corridor in the eastern portion of the bay area. see dublin. otherwise right now in livermore at 52 but notice santa rosa already down to 49 degrees at this early evening thundershower. thus we have a -- hour.
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thus we have a frost advisory in place for the north bay valleys. as temperatures dip to right around that freezing point. but some valleys could even drop to the upper 20s where you see the red headlighted areas that's the interior of the county and also the north coast. temps tonight. 32 santa rosa. 35 in napa. could see cooler temperatures however in sonoma and glen allen. across the central bay into the mid 40s and low 40s santa clara valley and 38-degrees the piece of livermore back in through concord. clayton, walnut creek. 36-degrees in pleasanton perhaps. meanwhile this area of low pressure is finally kicking out. that cooler air mass is just slipping in, in a southerly direction into the bay area. sure clear skies tomorrow and how's this affect the 49er game as they play host to the rams? well, it's going to be perfect football weather. 58 degrees at that 1:25 kickoff. temperatures where you live
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least go ahead and pinpoint them. a sting of 50s along the beaches. 60s peninsula. and notice the temperatures are pretty squashed close together. not much of a spread at all. 63 the outside number in brentwood. and to the north the temperatures rebounding between the 50s to the low 60s. the extended forecast and veterans' day tomorrow we're talking partly cloudy skies. we cloud up on monday. all the way through the workweek with daily chances of you needing that umbrella. that's your seven day forecast. eyewitness news returns after this. ,,
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all right, shake up in college football. >> i know. it's probably -- i would say the biggest one this year. you think a perfect season and then whoops something happens. the sec dominates the bcs standings every year but thank to its newest member, the conference now needs some help if they're going to send a team to the national title game. 15th ranked texas a&m led by as many as 20 in tuscaloosa, fourth quarter the freshman johnny manziel to malcolm kennedy. 29-17 aggies the number one in trouble. but alabama makes their comeback. aj mccarron down the sidelines to cooper. touchdown 'bama. they pull within five. less than two minutes to go. alabama knocking on the doorstep. but mccarron's fourth down pass is intercepted by everett. huge mistake from mcquarrion mccarron and the aggies take
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over. but tyler hayes jumps offside. the penalty gives texas a&m a first down and the ball game. nick saban and alabama fall 29- 24. stanford still controls its own destiny to get to the rose bowl. they'll need to beat oregon, ucla and win the pac 12 title game. red shirt freshman kevin hogan at the quarterback for the cardinal. the first quarter all stanford. taylor from the one yard line and 7-0 cardinal. still first quarter off the play fake. hogan rolls out and hits ryan hewitt. hewitt takes it in. stanford with an early 14-0 lead. but the beavers would score 23 unanswered points and they were rolling. vase to marcus wheatton for the touchdown. oregon state by nine. final play of the third quarter, hogan, under pressure. flips one to taylor. and taylor does the rest. check out the stiff arm.
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stanford cuts the lead to two. the cardinal turn the ball over four times but it was the beavers' give away that proved to be costly. vase loses the football. and josh morrow falls on it. the cardinal take over at the oregon state 29 and from there, it's hogan again. a perfect pass to zach earth. hogan's third touchdown pass on the afternoon. stanford hangs on to win it 27- 23. keeping its rose bowl hopes alive. taylor becomes the first player in stanford history to rush for over 1,000 yards in three straight seasons. back the pass with the police on. right -- to pass with the blitz on. right, nice spin move and he's in. >> so much to be excited about for the new mexico state fans. 24-0 spartans still in the first half spartans up 30-0. andrew manley loses the
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football. it's scooped up by benwickerry. the 37-yard fumble return for a touchdown. 37-0. and another huge day for the quarterback fails. four more touchdowns this one to right end ryan otton. san jose state now 8-2 on the year. well, number six florida trying to avid an upset tie -- avoid an upset tied with 13 seconds to go. the gators block the punt. jenkins gets to it and returns it for a touchdown. florida escapes by louisiana lay fay et 27- lafayette 27-20. little high school football. quarterback jack skin on the slant for the touchdown. fib winning 21-6. one word to sum up the oakland raiders this season. inconsistent. quarterback carson palmer has been exactly that this season. palmer had four touchdowns against the bucs but also three
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interceptions including the dagger late in the game. tomorrow against the ravens, he won't have to deal with ray lewis. who is injured and out for the year. but however, he will get reacquainted with his former division rival in terrell suggs. >> he played against him for 15 years now. phenomenal football player and phenomenal against pass and the run. there aren't many guys that are great at both like he is. i don't know if there's another one that's as good as he is at playing both. as far as playing against baltimore, it is always an uphill battle. you know their numbers aren't where they normally are with some injuries but you have to play great. you can't play okay and go in there and win. >> you can see the game right here on cbs 5 beginning at 10:00. it will be followed by the fifth imparter with dennis andierny. >> got to win in one. >> stop the run. >> thank you so much. all right, that's going to do it for this edition of
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eyewitness news. until 11:00 have a good night. we're always on at [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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